Our Single-Use Plastic-Free Event Model Ordinance

The model ordinance presents a framework for the adoption, implementation, and enforcement of standards to promote effective single-use plastic events.

Berkeley, CA 

Ordinance no. 7639-N.S. , Sections 11.64.040, 11.64.050, 11.64.060

San Francisco, CA

Ordinance No. 294-18, Section 1611

Manahattan Beach, CA

Ordinances 13-0009 through 19-0009

Solana Beach, CA

Ordinance No. 504

Reusable Serviceware Guides

To put on a successful event that avoids using and disposing of single-use plastics, it is key to use reusable serviceware (cups, plates, utensils, etc). Although this can seem like a daunting task- it can actually save money in the long term all while helping to protect the environment.

  1. Here is a great resource by the Clean Water Fund with the costs/benefits of switching from disposable serviceware to reusable serviceware.
    • PDF file includes price breakdowns and links to vendors.
  2. Here is a lifecycle analysis of reusable versus single-use cups by Upstream

Ocean-Hero Event Tips

Here is our ‘How-To Guide’ for your Ocean Hero Event

Plastic Reduction City Assistance & Ordinance Resources:

California definition of “marine degradable” (PRC Section 42357)

Plastic Pollution Coalition Resources

Companies to Source From for Your Ocean-Hero Event


Reusable serviceware:


Steel cups/plates/straws:

Party decorations/favors:

San Diego:

Tap Trucks (for your beverage needs):

Zero Waste Takeout:

This is not a complete list, just a couple of places to start with.

Be an ocean hero, join the movement

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